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Welcome to the Hot Licks Showroom!

We have a 9000 square foot retail space and if what you are looking for makes music, we probably have in stock. Our space offers full Guitar, Bass, Amplification, Percussion, Live Sound, Acoustic Room, Instruction, Keyboard, World Percussion, Accessories and Rental Sectionns. With new products and being delieved to and sold out of our showroom every day, the face and look of our store is ever evolving. Here are a few photos of our showroom from 2013.

(check out this great gift from our friends at Pearl Drums)



RD1_7057 RD1_7016

RD1_7013 RD1_7019

RD1_8840 RD1_8833

RD1_7020 RD1_7021

Drum Department

RD1_7032 RD1_7037


Guitar Department


Bass Department


PA Room

PA Room Photo Web

Acoustic Room